These pre-loaded tablets feature our complete ACT course for college bound students.
Give your students the knowledge and the confidence to achieve higher ACT scores with
this course, developed by nationally acclaimed tutor, Mauri Artz.
With this easy, Internet free device, students may fully prepare for the ACT. The course is
perfect for first time takers or students who want to raise prior scores. We have everything
students need, and it is super easy to watch these videos and really learn HOW to take the test,
and WHAT students must know.
Banners scroll to remind students to write things down! Clever examples help students
remember the material! Simple, concise videos are designed for the attention span of teens!
26 amazing videos, outlined below, covering the entire test
Full ACT tests to use for practice
Fully explained answers to a recent test
Practice Dual Passages
Resource Sheets for Science and Math
FAQ about the ACT
When to start to study
ACT Timing Chart
ACT Score chart
8 English Section Videos:
Big Picture Questions/More than simple grammar:
HOW to recognize a “simple” grammar question from a
Big Picture” question
HOW to get enough right to do REALLY WELL!
Writer’s goals, Deletions, Relevant details, Main ideas
Fifteen Grammar Rules, and YOU ACE THE SECTION:
Omit rule, Avoid repetition, Redundancy rectangles
Subjects and verbs go together
Pronouns? Track down the noun, It’s and Its
Tense and word choice? Follow their lead
Plural first then possession
Transition words come down to meaning
Double commas
The Nike Rule/just do it with an ly
Commas-when in doubt, take them out, Colons
Trust your ear with common phrases/idioms
The 2 Full sentence Rule
Grammar Roundup Review Video
Grammar Extra Credit Video:
(If you are shooting for a score above 30…)
Comma specifics,
Modifier problems
Who/Whom, Er/EST, the “u” verbs
Effective lead in sentence
Overview Video:
Why this type of tutoring will help you…
What to expect on the test…
HOW to do YOUR best on the test
Suggestions Timing and Bubbling Video
Always Answer every question
8 Math Section Videos:
Math Introduction Video:
Your advantages on the math section
Learn to Backsolve
Learn Fraction Basics
Algebra Video:
Simple Equations/PEDMAS (Parenthesis, Exponents,
Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction)
Exponents/Square Roots
More Algebra Video:
2 equations in 2 variables
Simultaneous Equations, Value of Algebraic Equa-
tion, Quadratic Theorem, Difference of Squares
FOIL (First, Outside, Inside, Last)
Review of Exponent Rules
Geometry Video:
Basic angles, Triangles, Polygons Perimeters
Special Triangles
The Pythagorean Theorem
Trig and More Geometry Video:
Trig for the test, SOCHCATOA,
Sine, Cosine, Tangents, Areas, Circles, Volume
Science Video:
How to do your best on this section
The three types of passages and how to approach them
Strategies for Charts and Graphs, Experiments
War of the Scientists, Examples
Graphs Video:
Definitions, Equations of a line, Slope/Intercept
Straight Lines, Midpoints on a graphRatios/Percentag-
es/Probability/Word Problems
Ratios/Percentages/Probability/Word Problems Video!
Averages Video Includes:
Arithmetic mean, Median, Mode, Absolute Value,
Inequalities, and MORE
3 Reading Section Videos:
Secrets to Doing Your Best on Reading
Choose your order, Know about the passages, Secret
Sauce, Timing
New Method of Reading Video Covers…
Practice session with new method of reading
New Double Passage Video Covers…
Exactly how to handle this new section/practice
Essay Video:
Learn a great way to plan and write this NEW ACT
essay. We provide an easy formula!
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