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What  is The Public Tutoring Initiative?

Tutor Mauri Artz desired to give access to her proven ACT® methods to any student looking to improve his or her ACT® score. She wanted to make an affordable, successful course, available to everyone, and the Public Tutoring Initiative was born.  For the past fifteen years, Mauri, who was a practicing lawyer and author. has been tutoring students for the ACT® at a fee of up to $150 per hour.
It always bothered her that many of the students that could benefit the most from her techniques were the very ones who could not afford her help. For ten  years, Mauri has profited from this “upside down” system, but now, she  is devoted full time to giving back . She formed The Public Tutoring Initiative as a Benefit Corporation which, by law must as part of its purpose, “do good for society.”

What is a Benefit Corporation?

The Public Tutoring Initiative is a fully registered Benefit Corporation.  By law, we are required to provide a material social benefit and we are to incorporate “doing good for society” in our decision making process.   
Additionally, by law, we are required to issue an annual benefit report to the public. Our mission is to make access to college easier, by bringing high quality ACT® test prep to students who previously could not afford this level of tutoring. We plan to give away thousands of free courses, and to give substantial discounts to high schools willing to share our program with their students.

What does it cost?

The course is being offered for $119, discounted from $399, through a special program.

What is the guarantee?

It is  a 100% money back guarantee, within three days of your initiating your lessons. No questions asked. You may cancel and receive a full refund of the purchase price if you send us an email within three (3) calendar days of beginning your lessons as evidenced by your beginning to watch any video, provided, however, that you have not started to watch more than three of the videos.

What does the course cover?

We will cover each section of the ACT®: English, Math, Reading, Science , and Essay. We will give you the information that you need to do better on the test. We will cover grammar rules that are most important, math skills that you must know, special techniques to read faster and to answer more questions right, and strategies to practice for the science section. We will also help you prepare for the essay.  You will watch videos that teach you the material, and you will be able to print out an official ACT® test to practice your new skills. Additionally we will answer questions during our live weekly webcast.

May  I access it as often as I want?

Yes,  you  will be able to watch the videos as much as you wish while your 1 year subscription is active.  Once you begin watching your first video, you will have 1 year to study as often as you like, and you will be able to tune into  all of the live sessions. Remember that is against our policy to share this course with anyone . We consider “sharing” as theft of our product, and  our technology allows us to see any irregularities in the use of our services. In order for us to keep our price at a level where it is affordable, we ask that everyone pays for the course.  Thank you.

What are the “live” sessions?

Once a week ,a tutor will give a live streaming  lesson.  This is included in your course fee. She  will try to answer as many questions as possible that were emailed to her during the week. Our site will post the topics that will be covered during the live session that week.  You can access the live stream through our site once you log in.