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FAQ's | Public Tutoring


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What is Simple Tutoring®?
Simple Tutoring offers an online ACT test prep program, a division of The Public Tutoring Initiative. The
program was designed to help students who are not great test takers. Many of these students may have
test anxieties, or can’t focus for hours at a time studying, yet wish to increase an ACT score by 4 points.
We recognize this predicament, and we offer a program to help: we present the material in a fun,
engaging way and teach tips and tricks to raise scores. We teach students only what they need to know
to raise scores.

What is The Public Tutoring Initiative and what is a Benefit Corporation?
The Public Tutoring Initiative, our parent corporation, is a Benefit Corporation: a type of legal entity
which must include a positive impact on society, workers, the community or the environment as a
legally defined goal. Our mission is to make access to college easier, by bringing high quality ACT® test
prep to students who previously could not afford this level of tutoring.
We want to make great test preparation available and accessible to any student who desires the help.
So, for every course sold through Simple Tutoring, we give away a course to a needy student, for free. To
date, we have made available over 14,000 courses to underserved kids, for free.
We hope that you love companies that give back, and that are committed to improving the lives of
others through business.
Thank You for your support.

What does The Simple Tutoring program cost?
Our course is being offered for only $199 for a year’s access and that is all inclusive. Compare that with most other courses around $499 for 6 months.

What is the guarantee?
It is a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. All we ask is that you notify us within 30 days if
not satisfied. No other competitor does this. Their guarantee may only offer you to take their course
again for free: that is no guarantee!

What does the course cover?
We cover each section of the ACT®: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay. We give you the
information that you need to do better on the test. We cover the grammar rules that are most
important, math skills that you must know, special techniques to read faster and to answer more
questions right, and strategies to practice for the science section. We also help you prepare for the
essay. You will watch videos that teach you the material, and you will be able to print out an official
ACT® test to practice your new skills. Additionally, we answer questions during our live sessions.

May I access the content as often as I want?
Yes, you will be able to watch the videos as much as you wish while your one year subscription is active.
Once you begin to watch your first video, you will have one year to study as often as you like, and you
will be able to tune into all the live sessions.

What are the “live” sessions?
Throughout the academic year, a tutor will give a live streaming lesson. This is included in your course
fee. We will notify you by email when there is an upcoming live session. She will try to answer as many
questions as possible that were emailed to her during the week. Our site will post the topics that will be
covered during the live session that week. You can access the live stream through our site once you log

Can I email you with an ACT® question?
Yes! Your question will be personally answered, usually within 24 hours. Nobody else does this and we
take great pride in this feature.