About The Public Tutoring Initiative

Our Story..

The Public Tutoring Initiative was born out of the desire of ACT® tutor Mauri Artz to provide access to an excellent, proven successful test prep course to any student desiring to improve on the ACT®, at an affordable price and easily available.  For over ten years, Mauri, a lawyer and author, has tutored privately at a cost of up to $150 an hour. In high demand across the United States and in other countries, Mauri has developed a unique approach that assists students of all educational backgrounds to reach their personal bests. 

However, it has always bothered Mauri that many students who could most benefit from her techniques could not afford her sessions, nor would they have easy access to such tutoring. While the ACT® is designed to offer a standardized method of testing students, the test does not level the playing field for all students. In fact, the wealthy students who can afford excellent tutors receive a huge advantage. Although she has her share of pro bono work, she feels that after 10 years of profiting from this upside down system, she is now  devoted full time to "giving back .” She formed The Public Tutoring Initiative as a Benefit Corporation which, by law, must as part of its purpose, " do good for society." 

Our mission is to help students initially prepare for the test, or to improve enough to achieve admission to college and/or to receive grants and scholarships. Every point on the ACT® can make a difference.  The upside for students is so huge: at no risk, and with a minimal investment, every student can now reach for the stars, and feel much more confident doing so.

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