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Our Course | Public Tutoring

Online ACT® Tutoring Subscription

Price: $199.99

  • 1 year unlimited program usage
  • Instant Access to Live Stream ACT® online tutoring videos
  • ACT® Practice Tests Offered
  • Narrated walkthrough guides with all the ACT® test questions answered!
  • Year round live streaming evening sessions
  • All students’ emails are answered
  • We offer immediate tech support via email to all students’ enrolled in the program
  • 15 year track record of success
  • Unmatched Price

Click a Subject Tab below to see what’s covered

  • Students learn why they should care about the ACT test,
  • General strategies to do your best
  • The benefit of guessing
  • Timing of each section
  • Setting a goal number to "get right"

  • The “Big Picture” questions- how the ACT® tests composition skills, and how you should handle them
  • How to learn and remember the simple grammar rules that will get you the most points- examples and how to handle them
  • Review – test yourself
  • Extra Credit rules – once you master the most popular rules, you may wish to learn the rest
  • Overview – what you have going for you on this test
  • The most frequently tested areas of a Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II and Trigonometry – examples and simple tricks to score more points
  • A whole new way to approach the four reading passages- what to expect and how to best handle this section
  • How to figure out your way to read: the best order for you, and whether you will read 3 / guess on the 4th or attempt all 4
  • Sample reading passage with Mrs. Artz explaining how to use the method to read the passage and attack the questions
  • New to the ACT® since 2014- double passages- an example and explanation / demonstration of how to handle this new deal
  • Why you should not freak out.
  • Learn the best way to handle the three main types
    • Data/charts/ graphs
    • Experiments
    • War of the scientists
  • The super easy, amazingly helpful Mrs. Artz formula! Top Secret!
  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Essay

See how we stack up against the competition.

  • On-Demand ACT® Video Access
  • Live Stream Access
  • Practice Tests Offered
  • Practice Test Answers Explained
  • Email Questions
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  • Course Extension Fees
  • Practice Test Answers Explained
  • Unconditional Money
    Back Guarantee
  • Benefit Corporation

Kaplan Test Prep

  • 6 Months
  • No
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • $99
  • No
  • No
  • No
$899 for 6 months

Princeton Review

  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • $99
  • No
  • No
  • No
$299 for 25 hours

$199.99 Add to cart

What our students and parents are saying

“We received $9000 additional merit money with the increased score. All for a $119 course!”

Sandy J., Baltimore, Maryland

“This course really saved my daughter on the ACT®. She was stuck at a 21 and now has a 26!  Thanks so much.”

Debra L., Columbus, Ohio

“My daughter said that this course helped her more than the private tutors that I had sent her to. Thanks so much. You turned the tide for her on the ACT® and she raised her score!”

Kate T., Armonk, NY

“I cannot believe how amazing this course turned out to be. I could not afford a class or private tutors, and my son was better prepared for the ACT® than any of his friends. He learned so much from the videos.”

Liz N., Macon, Georgia

“What a great deal. My daughter loved having the practice tests explained, and she loves sending in questions for the livestream.”

Stan P., Richmond, Virginia

“I can’t imagine a better way to get ready for the ACT®. My 11th grader told my 9th grader to start learning from the videos now!”

Gail F., Seattle, Washington

“Enrolling my son in the Public Tutoring Initiative was the best decision I ever made.”

Caroline Y., Boston MA