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. . . “from my high school. Many of the kids were enrolling once we received the special pricing. I was taught right away that there are some little secrets that anybody can do on the test to get more questions right. They make it so easy to follow along and make it fun to understand. They make the course really easy to get through and with not that much studying my score went up 3 points!”

-Rachel L., San Diego, Ca

My son Mike was a high school lacrosse player preparing for the ACT®. He needed to raise his score 2 points to be considered for a partial athletic scholarship at the college he was hoping to go to. Mike was determined to make this happen and was so happy when we enrolled him in this course. He was able to do the course at his own pace and go back and review the areas he needed the most help with. When he came home after the test he said, ‘ Dad, I nailed it’ Not only was he right, he raised his score 4 points and received more money towards his scholarship than we planned for. I couldn’t be more thankful how this course has helped Mike and my family.

-Al & Julie R., Kansas City MO

Enrolling my son in the Public Tutoring Initiative was the best decision I had ever made.
I looked at all the other ‘tutoring’ options around my area and couldn’t afford 1 on 1 tutoring and knew my son wasn’t going to sit through a crowded 2 day ‘boot-camp’ seminar all day long, and he certainly couldn’t pay attention all day. This course let him work when he wanted to and at his own pace. Not only did he improve his score greatly, but also, the cost was so affordable because our high school signed up for special pricing for their students. This saved me over $300. As a single mom this means a lot and I know I have done the best thing for my child.


I was terrified to take the ACT®. I have always been a good student and am motivated to do well. The problem is that I am a horrible test-taker. I get so nervous, that I end up not doing as well as I probably could. When a friend’s sister told me about how taking the course helped her, I figured it was surely worth the try. I was taught simple methods to stay calm during the test and I know it helped me so much. My college counselor had me take a practice ACT® test and gave me a few colleges to start looking at based on my score. She knew it was a problem that my high GPA didn’t match my score. Once she saw my real test scores after having done the course she told me to throw out the old list because we now could reach further!

-Brian D., Akron Oh

As parents we try to do all we can for our kids but sometimes the cost of something just makes it impossible. When our high school recommended The Public Tutoring Initiative I knew that I would be happy to invest $119 to help my daughter. With her school grades and extracurricular activities, we knew she just needed to do well on the ACT® and she would have several college options and be eligible for some (needed) grants. We were so thrilled at how she did on the test and we give such credit to the course because we know how her friends did that didn’t take the course. She is now able to go out of state to college which is something she really wanted to do.

-Caroline Y., Boston MA